preserving the city’s sacred spaces, one congregation at a time

Sacred Spaces Conservancy partners with local congregations to provide key resources and capacity-building opportunities in an increasingly changing city.  As buildings of worship continue to disappear from the city’s landscape, being converted to condos and other non-public spaces, Sacred Spaces works to find collaborative solutions to maintain and preserve these vital neighborhood institutions. We champion creative options, rich relationships, thriving spiritual life, gathering spaces for all and a future informed by our past.

Sacred Spaces provides:

  • Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) of subject matter experts as well as capacity building opportunities for places of worship considering the good stewardship of their property

  • consulting services to religious organizations considering the purchase or long-term lease of worship space

  • partnership formation between religious institutions, nonprofits and arts groups for the mutual benefit of rented space

  • brokerage services for institutions looking to buy or sell worship space

  • connectivity and communication between organizations that have excess space and those looking for additional space

Currently, Sacred Spaces is inventorying all religious institutions in our city, focusing specifically on one quickly-changing neighborhood at a time. This data will be used to better understand the rate at which religious buildings are being lost, as well as to set the foundation for the formation of healthy, life-giving, community-serving relationships.

Telling Our Stories

Capturing the stories of the faithful service of religious congregations is also an important part of the work of Sacred Spaces. These stories are fundamentally important to the understanding, engagement and honoring of the current and future communities in our neighborhoods. Knowing our stories helps develop a deeper sense of community, neighborliness and - ultimately - belonging.